Potty Training Doll

A potty training doll is a often recommended tool for little girls learning how to potty. They really help little girls understand what should happen when they sit on the toilet, which is essentially what you want to accomplish with your daughter. Additionally, they allow girls to feel comfortable trying out the potty themselves. After all, if her favorite doll pal can do it, so can she!

So what exactly do girls like about potty training dolls? Well, for starters, a it's a doll! It's hard to find a little girl who doesn’t like playing with dolls. In fact, in a lot of cases, dolls become like a little girl's best friend, and you have probably even seen your daughter hold conversations with her favorite inanimate companion. Your daughter would likely jump at the idea of having a new doll to the gang.

The second thing that a little girl likes about her potty doll is that they can also learn a lot about the anatomy and functioning of different body parts. Curiosity is a key component of every toddler - they always want to learn more about everything, even things they ought not to be involved with! But learning about the anatomy is great because it helps them understand their own bodies as well.

The functioning of a potty doll is usually simple. The doll comes with a bottle which can be filled with liquid. When the doll "drinks" the liquid, it is expelled via the vagina when the doll sits on the potty. That's a direct lesson for little girls who are at the potty training age. Many of the dolls also come with training pants, which make them easy to relate to, especially if your daughter is still wearing training pants. She'll be excited to see that there's "someone" else out there just like her!

5 Reasons to Get a Potty Training Doll

  1. It helps the parents out with teaching the toddler vicariously how to potty train.
  2. It is easy to relate to for your child.
  3. It teaches your child the proper names of body parts and how they function
  4. t teaches your child responsibility
  5. Above all, it will likely get the job of potty training done!

If you're looking for the perfect teacher's aide for potty training, look no further than a doll. Your daughter will love you for giving her another toy to play with, and you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you realize how quickly her doll has taught your daughter to use the potty.

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