Potty Training DVD

Potty training DVDs come with lots of tools that will aid in your toddler's potty training process as well as keep them occupied while on the potty. Use your computer or portable DVD player or simply allow the potty to be used in front of your TV during the time of potty training.

Recommended Potty Training DVDs

One great DVD that provides potty training 101 in addition to keeping your toddler sitting still on the potty is the Potty Time DVD. With its musical themes, and eye catching colors, kids who have never been potty trained before enjoy what it has to offer. It is a great tool to encourage kids to become interested in potty training.

Sign language is a big part of the Potty Time training DVD, so it has that extra emphasis on teaching kids to communicate. That is a very important element in getting them to let parents know when they are ready to potty.

Potty Time caters to the emotions of the toddlers and because the lessons are something a child can relate to, the results are usually quite good.

The Potty Time DVD offers great support to toddlers in the process of learning to potty by helping them to do the following:

  • Listen to the signals from their bodies and recognize that they are feeling the urge to pee or poop.
  • Be responsible enough to stop what they are doing to use the potty whenever they feel the urge.
  • Celebrate each stage of success in the potty training process by congratulating them in song and rewards.
  • Deal with accidents positively, instead of feeling embarrassed or sad that they weren’t able to get it right on a particular occasion.
  • Appreciate the natural functions of the body.

Potty Power is an entertaining program is filled with lots of action and 3D characters that kids will love to watch. And, by watching the characters, your child will also learn how to use the potty properly

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