Potty Training For Boys:


The FIRST STEP in potty training for boys is finding and setting up the right incentive program. Motivation is the approach used by many parents who have reported success with their sons' potty training efforts. If you need guidance with motivational ideas, you're in the right place. Here are some easy ways to get your little boy interested in potty training. The potty training tips for boys below will show you the best ways to motivate your little guy. Tested by parents.

1. Make Sure He's Interested.

A big reason why some parents fail with boy potty training is that they try to force it when their youngster isn’t ready.

Pay keen attention to your son's actions. If he is showing signs of wanting to go to the potty or perhaps follow you into your bathroom to observe, it means he has even a slight interest.

Capitalize on that and hint to him that he can also try to do what you’re doing. He might not grab at it right away, but at least it's a start.

2. Give Him Incentives.

Rewards will indicate to anybody that they're on the right track with something, and that's exactly how it is with kids who are learning to potty train or participate in any other developmental activity. For each time your offspring even takes an extra step in the direction of the potty, pop out something he likes to eat or play with. He'll soon realize that he's on the right track and eventually find himself seated on the potty!

3. Take Him Shopping.

Having your little guy wear big boy underwear is a great way to get him motivated to potty train. Take him shopping for big boy underwear so he can choose pairs in his favorite color or with his favorite characters emblazoned all over. Then, you'll need to have little talks with him to remind him that big boys use the potty instead of peeing in their underwear. Most boys will want to feel like the big boys so sub-consciously they'll be making the effort to not pee in their pants.

4. Use a Potty Training Doll.

In some cases, parents opt to use boy potty training dolls to help their sons understand the potty usage process. Potty training dolls are a great boy potty training tool because they allow your toddler to potty train the doll, and subsequently learn the correct behavior for when he goes potty. The potty training for boys process involves feeding the doll with fluid and then placing it on the potty where it will pee. Some dolls can also pee standing up in case your son gravitates to that position more readily.

5. Use Potty Training Charts

Your little guy undoubtedly enjoys knowing when he's successful at something mommy or daddy wants him to do. So what better way to show his success with using the potty than charting it? For each day your little progeny uses the potty correctly, reward him by placing a star, smiley face, or some other symbol in the slot for the day so he can see it and get excited about his achievement. In no time, he'll feel motivated by wanting to see more success markers on the chart and you'll breeze through potty training for boys.

6. Potty Training Urinal

If you're experiencing issues with your little darling and potty training, give some thought to using a potty training urinal. It may not necessarily be your ideal choice, but if it’s what works by allowing your son to use the bathroom independently – then that’s all that matters.

With just a little imagination and some effort, you'll be able to get your son interested and motivated to use the potty, whether with assistance or on his own.

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