Potty Training for Dummies

Potty Training for Dummies is part of the very successful Dummies series. With a plethora of new ideas about potty training coming into the public awareness, it’s no surprise that books on potty training are popping up everywhere. Each promises a way to successfully get your child out of diapers. One such book is the Potty Training for Dummies. This potty training book claims that it’s a total guide to the challenges ahead including making the bathroom a trauma free zone.

But is it a good potty training book for your home and lifestyle?

What’s in the Book:

The for Dummies potty training book has sections on reading your child’s signs of readiness, toddler motivation, team potty training, handling setbacks, and turning potty training into a game. Additionally there’s information on using training tools like a doll, offering positive reinforcement, getting relatives support, and how to train challenged children.

Is it Any Good?

I give this potty training book a lackluster review for a variety of reasons.  The writing is somewhat juvenile, particularly in its over-the-top humor that seems forced to the point of distraction. A fair amount of the advice was too complex to really apply to young children and this potty training book seemed to repeat itself (as if to stretch word count).

Plus this book promotes an intensive style of potty training (potty boot camp) that isn’t suited to all households or toddlers. The facts stated about potty training give some parents pause and concern about their own child’s progress. More concerning about the facts is that the author seems to have no specific credentials in early childhood development, which may be why the writing is problematic for many parents.

Another area in which the potty training book falls short is constantly referring to other chapters, which interrupts the reading. It’s uncertain if this is due to the Dummies format, which is predicated by the publisher, but it’s distracting nonetheless. It makes the overall book feel unorganized and may hinder the impact of what could be a really good point as a result.

The Bottom Line:

Overall I was disappointed in this potty training book. If you’re interested nonetheless, peruse a used copy of Potty Training for Dummies from Amazon starting from $0.01 + $3.99shipping. Note too that there are a lot of alternative options out there, many of which cost less.

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