Potty Training Girl

The GUIDE: 3 Do's and 1 Don't

The GUIDE to potty training girl - The 3 things you must know when potty training your little darling and the 1 thing to avoid. You’re certainly not alone when it comes to experiencing challenges with potty training a little girl, and you'd be surprised to know that sometimes overcoming the hurdles is as simple as knowing little key facts about toddlers and potty training itself. So are you ready to expand your horizons? Well, keep reading.


Understanding your daughter’s signals is a great way to time your potty training sessions. When little girls want to pee, they do all sorts of things with their bodies like wriggling or hopping from foot to foot. Watch out for these signals and jump at the opportunity to suggest that she uses the potty. In fact, it may help to try and monitor the trends to see if she gets those urges round about the same time each day.


Another great tip for potty training your baby girl is to keep her dressed in loose clothes when she seems like she's ready to be receptive to training. When you do that, it makes it much easier to get her out of clothes and onto the potty before a spill takes place.


Something that many parents erroneously do is limit their daughter's fluid intake with the aim of lessening her urges to pee her pants. However, it's important to know that restricting liquids won't help the potty training process. Your daughter should always have between six and eight cups of fluid during the day to keep her hydrated and promote healthy body function. You just need to be attentive to her signals and get her to a potty as soon as you can!

Girl Potty Training Problems

Now onto more serious things you should be taking note of when going through the potty training phase with your daughter. If you've been met with resistance, it may very well be due to the fact that your little girl is experiencing discomfort when she tries to pee. Not spending enough time teaching your daughter how to wipe properly from front to back could result in bacteria spreading from her bottom to her vagina and could result in a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Sure, little boys can get UTIs too, but it is definitely more common with little girls because of the opening to the vagina. If you notice signs like more frequent urination or the tendency to wet her pants even after she has learned good bladder control, it could mean that she has a UTI. Also, whenever you encounter hesitation, ask your baby girl if it hurts in her vagina, tummy when she pees. If the answer is yes, she may very well have a UTI.

As a parent, you'll always learn something new about your daughter's behaviors, how her body operates and how you can adjust to taking her through different stages of development. Just remember to be patient with her and yourself so the experience of potty training results in positive memories for both of you!

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