Potty Training Girls

Tips for potty training girls - what you need to know about little girls, best girl potty and how to introduce your little darling to her potty. Potty training dolls and the perfect girl potty training accessories.

Saying Goodbye to Diapers

New stages in your daughter's development are more exciting than anything else you've ever experienced, right? As a parent, you ought to feel proud when you realize your baby girl is ready for the next phase, especially when that phase is potty training.

Girl Potty Training 101: Eight awesome tips for girl potty training to get your little darling peeing in the potty instead of in her diapers. With the right tips and bits of advice, you should be able to implement your own strategy and ditch diapers for good!

Her Potty: how to get your little darling interested in a girl potty.

Potty Training Girl: The GUIDE to potty training girl - The 3 things you must know when potty training your little darling and the 1 thing to avoid.

Items For Your Little Girl's Potty Training Stage

Girl Potty: A girl potty is a pivotal item to purchase as little girls get to the stage where they start toilet training. I found that selecting her potty chair was a fun part of potty training.

Potty Training Doll: 5 Reasons to Get a Potty Training Doll for your little lady. Plus recommended models.

  • The Potty Patty doll is a popular choice but I give it a mediocre review compared to other available potty dolls.

Little Girl Potty Training: there are some things that make little girl potty training easier for both the parent and child. Here is a list compiled by parents of their must have little girl potty training items.

Comments and Questions About Potty Training For Girls

Is Girls Potty Training easier than potty training boys?

Studies suggest ...

In some cases, kids are adventurous and may want to use the toilet just like they see grownups using it. If you notice your daughter has those tendencies, you may want to choose an adapter seat for the regular toilet and make sure it attaches firmly to the toilet. That should also be accompanied by a stool for ease of access. Make sure that your daughter's feet can touch the top step of the stool once she's seated on the toilet. It just gives a better sense of security that she won't fall off the toilet - or into it!

3 Fun Potty Training Books For Girls

If you’re looking for potty training books for girls as a support system for training, you’re in good company. There are a lot of books on the market that make great claims, but the question becomes – do they stand up to the ultimate test of successful potty training? In answer to that question, I reviewed and tested several training books specifically written for girls.

Princess Potty, by Samantha Berger and Amy Cartwright

A Princess-themed training book that’s perfect for little girls who love playing dress up and role playing. The book comes with reward stickers and a tiara fit for, well, a princess! The pictures engaged the child’s interest and the stickers are a far better reward option than candy. If your young child likes movies like Snow White or Tangled, this might be a really good choice for the basics. The story might be too long for a younger child’s attention. So perhaps it reads better for 3 years olds who are still working on potty training.

Now I'm Growing!: Princess of the Potty - Little Steps for Big Kids! by Nora Gaydos

Now I’m Growing is a series of books that tackles various toddler challenges including toilet training. The stories are aimed specifically for children. Again, this is a princess-themed book so tom girls may not find it as helpful as those who like princess stories.


Big Girls Use the Potty! by Andrea Pinnington

The length is good with a light hearted tone and I like the fact that the book uses photographs instead of illustrations (making it more realistic). However, the girl is always shown putting her bear on the potty rather than sitting on it herself. While training her teddy bear there were accidents without shame, and the stickers that accompany the book have bears to match. We do worry about a teddy bear going down the toilet.

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