Potty Training Guide

So You Can Go To The Potty

This 32-page hard cover potty training guide is meant to help children through the toilet learning days. It’s more expensive than other toileting books, possibly due to the formatting that offers sidebars and subtext advising parents of various fine points.

This potty training book opens with a potty training guide for parents explaining that the time training takes depends heavily on the readiness of the child. It also gives parents guidelines on determining whether their child has the foundational skills necessary to take this step forward.

Attachment Parenting Potty Training Guide

It’s worth noting that the So You Can Go To The Potty’s authors are strong advocates of attachment parenting. The theory of attachment parenting boils down to bonding strongly with a child and remaining sensitive to his or her development. The includes a note from the author on this topic focusing on anticipating the child’s needs while slowly building the child’s sense of independence for successful toileting.

We think
The text of So You Can Go To The Potty initially seems like “baby talk”, which some of us parents do not like. There are also segments of the book that go into rather graphic detail about gender specific body parts - some parents think this is very useful but others are rather uncomfortable.

We liked

  • The potty training guide bathroom poster with 7 steps for your child to follow
  • The size – its perfect for your LO to hold while sitting on the potty chair
  • The learning sequence in which the whole family can participate

The story is rather predictable as in any other potty training book. The artwork is child-friendly, with simple and clear illustrations. The language is easy to understand for little darlings. The tone is very sympathetic and reassuring sharing potty training guidance with the child - not only the “hows” and “whats” of toilet learning but also the end advantages.

We note:

  • The terms used are “poo poo” and “pee pee”
  • Some children find the wordy book boring (others love it)
  • Reviews are averaging 4.5 stars out of 5

We recommend.
So You Can Go To The Potty is a toilet learning guide so it can be expected that it’s more instructional rather then entertaining in scope. Unlike some, this potty training book is gender neutral so you can use it both for potty training girls and potty training boys.

Potty training book or two: a selection and reviews of best potty training books to help in potty training children.

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