Potty Training Toddler Applications

For iPhone or iPad

Potty training toddler Apps - now here is when you can apply the newest technology to potty training AND your little one will love getting their hands on your iPad/ iPhone or other device. My little guy would grab a book or ask for the iPad as he headed for his potty. There are now great applications out there that exist to teach kids the basics of potty training. Take a look.

Best Apps for Potty Training A Toddler

Potty training toddler for iPhone and iPad - I received several recommendations from parents and tested the best ones with my toddler. Here are the apps I tested with my son.

Potty Time with Elmo ( $2.99 ) His Favorite!

This is an application available for both iPhone and iPad, which features a story where the furry little red monster Elmo, one of Sesame Street's most popular characters, shows kids how to use the potty. The lesson ranges from understanding what the sensations mean and how to act on them, to washing hands after peeing or pooping. The options for this application include Read & Play, Listen & Play and Just Watch, so your child can decide on a level of involvement. A suggestion, however, would be to use the mode that allows as much interaction as possible, which would no doubt keep your child engaged and entertained.

The New Potty ( $1.99)

This is another favorite of parents who need as much help as they can get with potty training their little one. This book app is also for iPhone and iPad, and goes through the story of a little girl learning how to use the potty. Both kids and parents can learn great lessons about the potty training experience from this app, as it goes through scenarios with "accidents" and being genuinely scared about using the potty. Like Potty Time with Elmo, The New Potty has different modes - Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play. Young kids would work best with Auto Play so they don’t get sidetracked by having to tap the screen and select options to see what's next.

I Have to Go ($0.99)

This adaptation of a children's book is an iPad application, and showcases a short story of a little girl who needs to go to the bathroom and goes on a journey throughout the entire house to find her potty. There are significant messages spread throughout the course of the story, including a message indicating that going to the potty is what big kids do. The app allows users to choose from six different languages for narration, which is a plus for multilingual families. There is also a drawing feature added as an extra so kids can color in one of three drawings from a palette of 12 colors.

Once Upon a Potty ($1.99)

Once Upon a Potty is a story app which has gender-specific versions which you can select from depending on whether your toddler is a girl or boy. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and tells the story of either Prudence (or Joshua if you choose the male version of the story), who gets a new potty, learns its purpose, and also learns valuable lessons about being patient and persistent at the same time while learning to use the potty. It also comes in different modes - Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play.

It's great idea to look in the direction of interactive potty training apps for potty training toddler. Modern-day kids will adapt quite easily to learning lessons through technology, and with any of the apps listed below, they will certainly take away a lot of valuable information regarding using the potty successfully.

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