Potty Training Twins

A Potty Training Guide for Two

Potty training twins takes planing - busy parent or not. Actually - I have not met many non busy parents. We are busy by definition. For some potty training one child is a challenge on its own, so you might be expecting double potty training problems having to potty train twins! Its, normal, many parents have expressed having twice the difficulty with potty training twins for various reasons. But don’t feel intimidated, you don’t need to be a superhero to succeed, albeit an extra pair of helping hands can come in handy.

Busy Parents First Make a Plan and Then Keep it Flexible.

Once you have your two potties then all it takes is only a little organization and creativity to get over the potty training stage even for busy parents.

Ensure Developmental Readiness

As with a single child, it's important to ensure your twins are developmentally ready to potty train. Mono-zygotic twins will likely be ready at the same time, but in cases of boy/girl twins, you may very well find that they reach that stage at different times. In such cases, it's important to work with them individually, and not force one's development on the other one who's a little behind.

Simply allow yourself to look out for the signs of development like:

  • Extended dry periods
  • Discomfort in soiled diaper
  • Interest when others are using the potty

Once both your little darlings are found to be developmentally ready, it can sometimes be more effective to to train them simultaneously. When one ones to go potty - the other usually follows. This is great as they keep each other company and can play games together and you only have to supervise once.

Some busy parents even have reported that encouragement has resulted from the companionship during potty training, and in no time the twins are both fully trained. In other cases, however potty training the duo together could result in competition and one feeling less accomplished than the other if he or she isn’t able to produce the same results.

Choose Solo or Dual Training

As the busy parent, you would need to assess the progress of your twins to determine whether training them solo or together is the way to go.

Developing a reward system for whenever your twins hit a successful potty training developmental milestone is also a great idea. It works for single kids, so there's no reason it wouldn’t work for twins. Again, however, the personality of the children is important. Choose your rewards based on what you know will encourage each child. Remember that although they're twins, they have their individual likes and dislikes!

Be mindful, however, that rewarding a successful twin in the presence of the other who hasn’t been successful can sometimes result in disappointment and subsequent regression for the unsuccessful one. As always, keep your eyes open to the signs, and provide encouragement if it seems one child is being negatively impacted by the success of the other.

Double Up On Potty Seats

When it comes to potty training twins, it would be a good idea to have two potty seats instead of one. Not only does it make potty training more convenient, but it gives the twins the sense that you're investing in the development of both of them equally. Additionally, seeing their brother or sister making a move to potty will sometimes encourage the other to sit on theirs and try to go as well.

In doing this, however, avoid getting into the issue of ownership, which can result in squabbles. Allow both of them to realize that there are two potties for two kids, and they can use whichever one they please.

Avoid Potty Training Twins Under Pressure

At all costs, parents should avoid potty training twins under pressure. It's difficult already to train one child under pressure, but when you have twins, you could tend to not offer the level of attention to the process that it deserves. Don’t look at things like the starting of preschool and feel pressured to get your twins ready by that time. You want to make sure it's done and done right for both of them so take your time and allow things to flow naturally.

Be Open to Altering Your Training Structure

Although it may help to have a structured approach to potty training, it is sometimes more of a hindrance because different kids will learn from different methods. Even with your twins, you may find one of them responds better to a reward system, while the other may want independence and the feeling of pride that comes from accomplishing each phase in potty training.

Keep your guidelines for potty training twins in place, but tailor them as you notice particular signs from the twins in relation to your training.

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Potty Training Twins Together

Parents of twins have found that taking care of them and training them works out better when things are done on schedule. Nap time, meal time and play time are perfect examples of how keeping things on schedule can aid in reducing the stress and frustration on parents. Not only do the little darlings quickly develop a bond of togetherness, but parents can benefit from having all training imparted in one sitting as opposed to two.

Potty training is no different. The more time you dedicated to dual potty training, the sooner you'll be done with that phase.

And that's basically a great guide for coping with potty training for twins. Give it a shot and you'll quickly realize that the process becomes much easier as you adapt each element of the approach.

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