Potty Training Urinal

What is it and do you really need one?

A potty training urinal mimics full size urinals and makes it easier for little boys to hit the target while they pee standing. It can be a useful tool but it's not must have item.

With the myriad of challenges that potty training parents could encounter with their toddler boys, various innovations have been introduced to the market to assist in the potty training process - one such innovation is the potty training urinal.

Do you need o boy sized urinal for you little man? It depends, some little boys just don’t adapt well to learning how to potty train on an actual boy potty, and may fare better with the potty training urinal.

The consensus is that kids tend to love it and mommies get to clean it.

Of course, there is the question of whether boys should really be taught to urinate while standing, but at the end of the day, parents need to accommodate what is most comfortable to their son and use tools which they will adapt to easier.

Before you go out and purchase one here are some positives worth knowing about potty training urinals for toddler boys:

• Toddler urinals are simple to use.

• These urinals allow little boys to learn to aim and pee standing up without assistance, and without having to balance on a steps stool. Many of them are tiny and low enough to allow little boys to access them when standing on the flat ground.

• Most potty training urinals look just like the urinals found in restrooms in restaurants, supermarkets and office buildings.

If you've ever taken your son into a bathroom with a urinal, he would have likely observed what they look like, and also how they are used by grownups. Being able to imitate the actions of a grown up is something that little boys get a thrill from, so you may have more success with potty training than you envisioned.

So what's a good one? - We polled parents and here are the results.

There are great brands of boy-sized urinals out there that would be ideal for your home. Most of them can stand independently and come with their own flushing mechanism so your son can feel like he's doing just what the grownup men do. As a parent, the more assistance you can get from your potty training son, the better off you'll be at the end of the day! The peter potty toddler urinal is a number one favorite followed closely by the suggestions available online at the Amazon store. The peter potty toddler urinal is about 39.99 $ and you can pick it up at Walmart.

What's the best boy urinal to purchase?

When shopping for a child-size urinal look for simplicity and useful features.

• In some case they have fixtures that allow them to be attached to a door or wall. That is, of course, important for parents so they'll feel at ease knowing that there won't be any undue spillage because the potty is sturdily mounted. What potty training parents want most is to ensure their efforts to potty train are supported as best as possible, and you'll definitely get that with a urinal.

• Another supportive feature of a good boy urinal is that it is easy to empty and rinse out. Hygiene won't ever be an issue because lightweight urinals can be rinsed out and disinfected in the bathtub or even in the bathroom sink.

Perhaps what you could also consider doing is training your son to use both the potty and the urinal at home, and travel with a disposable urinal when you’re on family outings so you allow your son to keep up with his training while away from home. There are some great disposable urinals on the market which are leak proof and have spill guards. Once they are filled, they are easy to dispose of without any mess.

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