Potty Training Videos

There are a lot of potty training videos available to for families starting on the adventure of potty training.  Here is a review of 3  potty training DVDs to give you an idea as to what might be motivating for your toddler.

Make potty time  a fun, educational and pleasant experience for your toddler with animated characters, music and songs. They help in getting your little sprout interested in the process.


Go Potty Go!

Go Potty Go! Potty Training for Tiny Toddlers has a light-hearted approach to potty training. It includes motivational games, funny stories and music intended to inspire good toilet skills. The characters in the book are all cute, animated animals, which appeal to a wide variety of children.

While important matters like washing hands and wiping are tackled, there’s too much emphasis on being a “big kid” rather than making the connection of using the toilet.

Parents who had praise for Potty Training Videos for Tiny Toddlers said it inspired fairly rapid training even for a munchkins with limited interest in the bathroom.

Singing along with the potty training videos is one potential activity to get your little one sitting on the potty for a longer time (the video is 20 minutes long – plenty of time!).

Other pluses included the mention of different types of potty chairs, the sorts of physical sensations that happen before going potty, and an awareness that everyone has to go potty somewhere – the toilet is “your” place.

In terms of complaints, there does not seem to be enough of the video showing a child on a potty.


The Potty Movie for Boys - the Henry Edition or Hannah Edition: The Potty Movie for Girls

The Potty Movie comes in two versions – one for little boys and one for little girls. It offers a humorous story of Henry or Hannah being introduced to going potty. The video begins with the gift of a training potty, and discussion about getting out of diapers. The movie is about 15 minutes long. It achieves a good visual connection by actually showing poo in the toilet, which is unusual in children’s videos. The entire tone of this story is positive and encouraging without getting pushy.

This is a useful DVD for children who may be scared or confused about training. The music as “catchy” and the language easily understood by toddlers. Better still, the pacing is spot on to keep a 2 year old watching. There is some repetition involved, which helps kids retain what they’re learning.

The only negative reported was that there is a lyric that says “I pee in my diaper; that’s what diapers are for.” This could easily send mixed signals to a child already struggling with potty training.


For boys the Once Upon a Potty for Him DVD and for girls the Once Upon a Potty For Her version.

When you need a little inspiration to get your child’s potty progress moving in the right direction, Once Upon a Potty may fit the bill. This book provides a potty training video for children AND a doctor’s statement for parents (something uncommon in DVD’s and potty training videos). The Parent’s portion urges patience with children since each child adapts to this process in a personal pace and way. On the children’s side there are catchy songs and the story of Joshua and Prudence, and their adventure of graduating to big kid underwear. 

This product, recommended for 1-4 year olds, has illustrations of rather young children which may not work for older trainers, or even potentially confuse young children. The image of the toilet is one more common in Europe, and the number of direct references to the toilet were limited

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