Potty Training Watch

Potty training watches are another tool that can help your toddler successfully navigate toileting and potty time. My favorite part is that they begin the transfer of responsibility from parent to munchkin. You don’t need to nag or hoover.

Potty training watches are not really great for younger toddlers.

It’s not recommended that you use one until your toddler is at least two, and possibly older.

Watches also have an impact on a toddler – it’s something “grown up” so it increases excitement.

The intervals are parent-driven, and the watches are typically waterproof. Other common features to these watches are background lighting, lock out features, a stop watch, date and time, and more than one time zone option.

How to Use A Potty Training Watch.

  • At the outset of the program you can set the watch for shorter intervals.
  • Later, as your toddler shows growing success that period of time can be extended on the alarm, matching your toddler’s growing ability to monitor his bathroom needs. 

There are some distinct advantages to a potty training watch not the least of which is giving your toddler more independence. With a vibrating or an alarm system, your toddler is in control and has the responsibility to use this tool to help with their potty training success.

Choosing a Potty Training Watch

The key is finding the right watch for your toddler’s specific needs and one that has a history of durability. Here we a look at what parents are saying about popular watches that you may see on the potty training market.

VibraLITE Mini 12-Alarm Vibrating Watch Rodger Children's 8 Alarm Vibrating Watch Potty Time Potty Watch

The VibraLIte mini watch has 12 daily alarm settings with an auto-repeat and countdown timer. It weighs a mere .9 oz and comes with a one year warranty.

The manufacturer recommends it for toddlers with various conditions like ADD, behavioral issues. Bedwetting and even medication compliance. You can set the watch to vibrate, audio or both.

Those who like the watch said that the privacy factor attracted them. The liked the fact that the vibration feature only signals the toddler, not their friends.

If the VibraLite watch is too large for your toddler, this smaller vibrating watch may be an alternative.

Like the VibraLite you can choose vibrate or audible alarms.

There’s a feature that keeps toddlers from tinkering with the alarm settings. 

The watch has a count down alarm and 8 daily alarms.

Parents who purchased this watch loved the smaller size – it wasn’t big and distracting.

The potty watch has music and blinking lights to grab your toddler’s attention.

The alarm on this system has an auto-reset feature so you don’t have to keep programming it.

The watch goes off at regular intervals announcing potty time.

The $10 price point, is definitely a factor in more positive reviews.

  • The vibration feature was too short and too week, particularly for deep sleepers.
  • The cost for the watch vs. the quality is not well balanced.
  • The size of the wrist band cannot be adjusted, so you’ll want to be certain it fits right before buying if you’re getting it specifically for the vibration feature.
  • The vibration feature does not work for very long, which negates the privacy factor and dramatically decreases dependability particularly if you’re using it for other purposes than toilet training.
  • Many parents report a functional life span of only three weeks.
  • The songs may rapidly grow tiresome to a toddler.
  • The product does not seem to be well-made
  • Very sensitive to water.
  • The battery section often rusts in a very short time, and battery life is short.
Here are more potty watches that we did not get a change to review yet. Leave us a Facebook comment below if you have any product advice or preference.

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