Potty Training While Traveling

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Potty training while traveling does not have to be a dreaded event - read our tips plus gather 3 potty training on the road items and you are set to go.

Whether your little sprout is just starting to potty train or has been practicing for a while even a slightly longer road trip than usual can create some confusion. Our little darling was basically potty trained … around the house that is.

In the beginning whenever we left the house we would resort to diapers. But I knew eventually (hopefully sometime before he got his own driving license) that would have to change.

When we first began potty training while traveling it was It was winter and it made sense to ensure successful outings by using disposable diapers.

BUT - I noticed that if he peed in the diaper during an outing he would need just a bit of time to get back to being dry out home again. I considered using cloth diapers so he keeps being aware of the consequences of emptying his bladder but because of the weather and inconvenience I did not give it a try.

What I did was offer him regular opportunities to use a travel potty and paid close attention to his signs. So although we still used a disposable diaper as back up it kept returning home with us all dry.

Once a dry diaper was a regular occurrence we invested in some other accessories to make sure we travel in style. You don’t want your vacation or visit to a friend’s home to completely derail training efforts, so it’s important to come up with solid strategies for adapting to different situations.

Here are 2 must-have items when potty training while traveling

1. A travel potty (obviously). As you begin shopping for a travel potty chair keep your child’s tastes and your family’s lifestyle in mind. The good news here is that manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors and designs, one of which should attract your child’s attention.

The more they like their seat, and the more you involve them in the selection process, the more they’ll naturally want to use the chair. Additionally, most portable systems won’t break your budget.

Let your child use his or her travel potty at home before taking it on a trip or when visiting. That way it will be familiar and comfortable to him or her. The more secure your dumpling feels in different environments the more success they’ll have with the training process. Letting them get used to the portable seat means that they won’t balk at an unfamiliar toilet. Mind you, it may take a little time for your child to master both their home and “away” chairs minor differences.

2. Potty training car seat cover: a waterproof car seat protector is a marvelous device. I was a bit arrogant about needing one right before we had a miss, luckily we were almost home otherwise I'm not sure what we would have done. Trust me - you really should get one of those.

Amazon has a good deal on those - we picked up a Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad for $8.43

3. Back up clothes. Potty training while traveling will sometimes result in misses. It’s inevitable that unfamiliar spaces and experiences can distract a child pretty easily. That means packing some extra clothing just in case. Bring a second outfit on the plane or for outings during your travels along with a small plastic bag in which you can bring soiled clothing.

Tips For Traveling in Style While Potty Training Toddler

  • Take the time before you travel to talk to your munchkin about what to expect. When you take your toddler to the toilet at home, explain how either the portable toilet or other people’s toilets look and feel a little different.
  • If you’re using a travel potty, by all means let them use it at home for a while before going on the road. This increases familiarity. For those traveling by plane, you may want to use a folding potty chair to save on space. It’s not a bad idea to have some “practice” travels to places closer to home before a big trip.
  • Finally, know that it will not be a disaster if you opt for pull ups under certain situations like at a nice restaurant or dinner party. You do want to enjoy your trip, and potty training while traveling can be demanding.

Before considering those tips for portable potty training success, remember that little angels respond differently to different situations. Some may adapt to a traveling potty without issue while others may feel more comfortable in diapers for the duration. It’s important to pay attention to the signals your child gives you during your travels so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

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