Potty Training 101

Here are potty training FACTS as you try to figure your way through the "let's get diaper free maze"! Child psychologists, medical doctors, and even chiropractors have something to say about this topic. And, of course, they all claim to have the "one and only" method that truly works. Before long, you can find yourself buried under stacks and stacks of information, and feeling completely overwhelmed. And if you are like me, you may be finding it downright confusing and frustrating. So here is are the BASICS.

Potty training 101 - this is the core of toilet training for your kiddo. 

  • What you'll need in addition to a plan.
  •  7 Stages your munchkin will go through before they acquire complete toilet independence. 

Questions & tips on potty training

Below are answers to some very common questions about training facts, developmental milestones, and what to look for when you start -- age or readiness criteria?

  • How to motivate and prepare your toddler for potty time
  • How to start toilet training
  • When to start toilet training and what matters - age or readiness criteria?

YOUR questions

Just scroll to the bottom of this page and ask. I review and answer every question before publishing

You can also leave your comments, advise and words of encouragement for other parents right under the submitted questions. Hope this information supports you in helping your munchkin reach this important developmental milestone.

Recommended Reading

Make Going Potty Fun

Do you have trouble getting your toddler interested ?

Here are 12 brilliant ideas!

Training Aids you'll NEED

5 essentials + 10 helpful tools that might make the transition easy and fun. Parents voted on their favorite must-haves.

The 7 Stages

The core of potty training.

Where to begin?

How To Start Potty Training: Here we have collected the most important tips on how to start toileting your toddler. The following steps will help you start the process with ease.

On the Potty: since you are spending face to face time with your child - make it count! Use potty time for bonding with your toddler. Our 23 month old unexpectedly learned some the letters of the alphabet during potty time with Elmo Loves The ABC's.

When To Begin

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your toddler is 18 months AND displaying certain signs. Some experts recommend to wait until your toddler has reached a specific age. Others rely on toddlers meeting readiness criteria.

Best time to start?

Right age?

Readiness criteria?

When to Start Toilet Trainingyou will be surprised ... read this important information before you decide.

The "right" age to toilet train varies depending on social conventions, which expert's advice you seek + your geographic location and circumstances.

Physical, cognitive and behavioral readiness criteria. Many parents interpret this as an invitation to give the responsibility for potty readiness to their little munchkin.

*** Recommended For Easy Potty Time***

A potty shield is one of the potty training aids available for boys. Having one lessens the amount of clean up for parents (very often moms, at least in our house).

The design of this simple one piece portable potty is such to facilitate clean up. Also great if you want to outsource part of the job to your toddler.

They are $14.95 from Amazon: Pourty "Easy to Pour" Training Potty with **BONUS** Samples of Rockin Green Soap/Detergent and Tooth Tissues!

Step stools are awesome especially for those with back pain (like myself). 

The BABYBJORN Safe Step are a very popular choice and the simple design is easy for cleaning and fits with all decors.

Have A Question? Ask!

Do you have a question about potty training? Just ask! I'll be happy to share my research and knowledge with you. You might receive some constructive comments from other parental units too :)

Make sure to include the age and gender of your little darling, some details about your potty training history or any previous potty training attempts.

Leave a comment or share your story about kids potty training.

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