Princess Potty Chair

So it’s time to potty train your little girl and you’re looking for something that can really inspire a positive experience

What about a princess potty chair? As with many toilet training seats, princess potty chairs come in a variety of styles including stand-alone pieces, portable seats and musical toilet seats. No matter what style you choose the overall idea is making your child feel like a real fairy tale princess whose throne is special to her alone.

Choose A Princess Potty Chair

Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty, Pink Princess

This one is a top favorite for little princesses although quite pricy but it can also be used as a step stool. There are sensors that activate when wet and play some catchy tunes. We love the design and that munchkin is motivated to potty train but we dislike cleaning it - especially all the little Q-tip sized openings.

If your little darling already loves playing make believe and dress up – then this type of thematic potty trainer is a great idea. Many such products include accessories like a tiara, potty story books and reward stickers. Instructions may include encouraging the child to make royal decrees when she’s ready to use the potty. While that may feel a bit socially awkward outside the home, within your personal space it seems to work nicely, specifically because it’s giving your daughter greater control over her training process.

Fisher-Price Pink Princess Stepstool Potty, Pink Princess

This girl potty chair gets four out of five stars from parents and toddlers. It comes with an inbuilt reward system - plays tunes when wet and can be used as a step stool once your munchkin is old enough to use the an adult toilet.

Another great thing about a princess potty chair is that you can go to dozens of stores and find accessories that facilitate the training even further. Does your daughter like pictures on her wall? Get fairy tale themed wall stickers (you can often find ones that peel off without ruining your paint). Maybe she’d like a princess temporary tattoo to mark her royal lineage. For play clothes and dress up, you can buy iron on transfers featuring various Princesses, castles, etc. Rounding out the picture you can get “big girl” underwear with a princess theme as well as training diapers!

The First Years Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System

Its a very convertible system the soft seat is detachable and fits on the regular toilet while the base becomes a step stool. Toddlers find it very comfy and love the pretty princess pictures. Keep in mind that it's not a musical potty as it only chimes when "flushed." Its a bit on the small side but I don't recommended for travel.

Once you have everything you feel you want for your princess training period, you may find it helpful to do some pre-training make believe. Set up your princess’ chair somewhere that she can hold “court”. Bring some of her favorite toys to participate in her crowning. Make a big ta doo about proclaiming her a big girl to all the people of the kingdom. Dress her with something frilly on top and a pair of training pants. Show her how it works perhaps by using a potty doll. If it’s a musical princess chair, music begins to play as soon as the sensor notes wetness – providing immediate reinforcement.

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