Regression in Potty Training

My 18 month old little girl has been potty trained for about 3 months. She did great with learning to go on the potty and about 3 weeks in to potty training she was going to the potty on her own.

She still needed help with wiping and stuff but was consistently telling me when she needed to go.

However, for past 3 weeks or so she has consistently had accidents unless i take her to the potty.

She is clearly holding her pee beyond her limit and as a result wets her pants. What really bothers me is that she doesn't seem to either know when her pants are wet or she does not care. I have rewarded her for going in the potty. And done everything i can think of.

What should i do at this point to get her back on track?

Hi Anonymous,
First of all congratulation on getting of to such an early and successful start.

Second, apologies for a late reply. We just had a new addition to our family and having a newborn in the house makes one loose track of other priorities. I hope that by now the problem has solved itself.

If it has not, I hope you have browsed our "potty training problems section" and found something useful.

Regression in potty training is very frustrating. You think that once you have potty trained - you are done and can move on to teaching your tiny human other more interesting things.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of potty re-training that takes place before you are truly done with this chapter of your life. (With a little sister and starting daycare we have also experienced some set backs in our 2.5 year old before things went back to normal). But you have not mentioned any major shifts in your daughter's routine so I presume nothing has changed.

Very often, little ones simply "hold it" because they are doing something that's way more fun at the moment. Maybe after 3 months the novelty of going to the potty has worn off.

The good thing is that your little one is not refusing to use the potty. She just seamed to have lost a bit of initiative.

Here are some things you can do until until she reverts to begin proactive.

Keep taking her to the potty with out her asking for it. Figure out how long she stays dry -- usually 2 or 3 hour intervals are pretty effective depending on fluid and food intake.

OR make it an automatic habit by introducing a consistent routine. Put her on the potty as soon as she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. After a meal, before leaving the house, after coming home -- are all good moments to put her on the potty.

Make potty time more interesting. For example ours grabs a book before he says to me " Pee/ Poo. Come mama, read book on the potty."

If you are worried about her not being aware of feeling wet but don't want to revert to diapers - try cloth diapers. She will feel wet and at the same time her clothes and furniture will be protected from potty training accidents.

With our toddler we took took initiative and proactively put him on the potty. When he did get wet we stayed calm. My husband came up with a brilliant line that now our toddler repeats before asking to go to the potty: Pee / wet pants is not pleasant, its not nice, better on the potty.

I hope you find this helpful or maybe others can comment with other useful suggestions of what worked for them.

best wishes,
Amanda from Little Darling Potty Training

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Feb 01, 2014
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply. I did find helpful information on your site. I started taking her to the potty on a schedule and that made things a whole lot better. She does intiate going to the potty sometimes. But we mostly stick to our routine so we have been accident free. Of course like you said there are quite a few hurdles along the way. What's helped me is to accept that it is a process. Thank you for your advice.

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