Soft Seat Potty

Asoft seat potty might fix your problem very quickly when you have a toddler that feels uncomfortable on a plastic, wooden, or porcelain toilet seat. Not only are these soft seats comfortable but the cushioning gives children a sense of safety. Because they can sit longer on a soft surface, this design can improve your potty training successes. Additionally the padding’s designed to fix a toddler’s bottom so they fit with ease.

By the way, a padded seat comes in handy even after you’re done toilet training. Some toddlers can’t fit securely on an adult seat even after training. So this seat provides a bridging mechanism until they grow a little more.

In terms of selection, a soft seat potty comes in many colors and styles, some of which even feature cartoon characters. Such products provide a perfect opportunity to get your little one involved in selecting their potty. If they like the images, they’ll want to use it more frequently.

The potty trainers with handles are particularly nice because a toddler can learn to put it on the family toilet themselves. The designs are specifically light weight so a child can maneuver it without assistance. If your child shows interest in participating in their training in this manner you may need to get a sturdy step stool to help them reach the toilet safely. Some trainers come with a step tool built in so a child can easily maneuver his or her seat in place. A padded seat chair typically doesn’t cost much more than a flip potty seat or portable seats either.

One of the down sides of a soft potty seat, however, is that they can and do tear. The rips in the surface make the seat very uncomfortable, and at that juncture it’s healthier to simply replace the seat. Some parents report that a child’s skin sometimes sticks to the surface of the potty, resulting in a stinking bottom.

In shopping for your padded seat, remember that not all are designed to fit an elongated toilet seat (even some that say they’ll fit both standard and elongated seats). The problem is that without a proper fit the trainer may slide and put your child off balance. When a child feels insecure, it’s very difficult to get them to use the trainer. Also remember to look for a seat that’s well-constructed and easy to keep clean. Those where the padding detaches from the backing work best hygienically.

If you’re potty training a boy, look for a soft seat potty that has a sufficient pee deflector. Otherwise you’ll end up with quite a mess. By the way, these seats often work well as portable potties for families on the go.

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