Split Pants

Maximum Convenience With Minimum Coverage

Fashionistas will be happy to know split pants are stylish and offer unique designs combining both current and vintage trends. From monkeys to penguins and from stripes to polka dots, with plain or brave hues - you’ll have no trouble mixing and matching these with the rest of your baby’s wardrobe.

Split potty training pants are somewhat new to the Western world spurred into the market place by proponents of elimination communication. However, potty training or ECing – those pants offer you the advantage of speed and efficiency when potty training your child. It’s very easy to put a diaper over EC pants so you don’t have to fuss with several clothing layers at a time. And if you’re wondering about how often split pants get wet – the design is such that such misses are rare (meaning less washing!).

What Are Split Pants?

The concept of split pants seems to have started eons ago in China where they are known as "kaidangku" ("open-crotch pants" in Chinese).

Put simply, they are pants with a giant hole on the bottom. Split potty training pants keep the baby’s bottom open to fresh air while keeping your baby’s legs and knees warm and covered from bumps and scrapes. The split down the middle in front and back makes getting baby to the toilet far easier and less stressful.

For ECing parents the open bottom provides easy viewing for the baby’s body cues as well as for timely verbal cues. Split training pants are ideally designed item to facilitate infant potty training. You can get your little one in position much more swiftly if you don’t have to fumble with snaps, buttons and onsies.

Pros of Bare-Bottom Time.

Frequent or ad hoc opportunities to roam with out a diaper deters diaper rash and makes your baby far more comfortable.

Cost wise they average around $23 a pair, but when you consider that you can use these for more than one child since they’re washable and durable – that price is pretty good (compare it to several boxes of disposable diapers that only last a few weeks).

Bare-bottom babies are not a common sight in America or Europe and the practice is also being fazed out in urban China, where busy and affluent parents switch to disposable diapers.

Those a little uncomfortable with the idea of a bare bottom baby in public can camouflage a bare bottom with a long T-shirt or use them around the house, backyard and among like-minded parents. Its always about what's most comfortable for you and effective for your life-work balance.

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