The Potty Book for Boys

The Potty Book for Boys is a 32 page, high gloss book that retails for $5.95 in hard cover edition. This potty training book also features a potty training chart and potty training sticker chart that act as a reward system, supporting your child’s on-going efforts.

When parents are beginning potty training they often seek out books like The Potty Book for Boys to give their little darling a feel for what to expect in the process. This potty training book is an excellent potty training aid as that the child sees another child like himself using potty (rather than just adults).

The Story
The main character in this story is Henry. Henry starts out the story still wearing diapers. He receives a special gift from mom and dad (his new potty seat) and they begin potty training. It ends with a proud, successful Henry being applauded by his parents.

The Pictures
Rather than cartoon like illustrations, the publisher uses colored photographs, making the images far more realistic (very Montessori like). The wording for the story has a rhyming, song-like nature which often leads to your child memorizing it after several readings. This may help some boys remember the stages of using potty.

What We Think About The Potty Book for Boys
This potty training book gets reasonably favorable reviews averaging 3-4 stars out of five. Boys like the main character because he’s not perfect (there’s even a floor accident). This eases some of the performance pressure children feel and the guilt over what will most likely happen. Ultimately how useful this potty training book is to your family depends on how much your little darling likes it. If it engages him, it could very well improve the speed with which he potty trains, and also increase his successes along the way.

We liked:

  • The potty training chart
  • The potty training sticker chart
  • The weight of the pages makes it durable
  • It’s the perfect size for small hands

Room For Improvement

The author has left out some very important elements to toileting. For example, she never talks about using toilet paper or the importance of hand washing afterwards. This puts the book in the category of “early beginner” for potty training. Additionally the story never tackles the topic of peeing standing up.

We Note:

  • The Potty Book for Boys uses the words “potty”, “pee” and “poop”. If you prefer other terms make sure you substitute them when reading to your child.
  • Henry has both a mother and a father, its up to you how comfortable are with it if you are a single parent, or a parent in an alternative relationship.

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