The Potty Book for Girls

The Potty Book for Girls is a 32-page hard cover, instructional story book by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. This is the type of potty training book you will want to get when your little darling is about 1 year old as an introduction to what they can expect during the potty training process. It’s considered an introductory primer, probably not suited for older children already into the training period.

The Story.
The start of the story is Hanna, who is about to embark on an adventure in toilet learning with her parents. At the start of our story, Hanna can get dressed and brush her teeth but still has to wear diapers. Hanna’s parents introduce potty training by bringing home a big box – her first potty chair. Throughout the book, Hanna’s parents are depicted as smiling and supportive even when she experiences a potty training accident. In the end Hanna proves successful in her efforts.

We think.
We have similar thoughts about this potty training book as we did about The Potty Book For Boys. It’s basically a duplicate with the exception of the change in character names and the addition of a Ponytail on Hanna’s head. Even the illustrations mirror each other swapping out pink for blue. The text has a rhyming scan, making it easier for a child to memorize the steps for potty training. Overall, we rate it four out of five .

The book does succeed on an instruction level for teaching a child the purpose of a potty. It also designates bodily functions, illustrates the “grown up” transition into underwear and discusses hand washing afterward. We like the writing style BUT

We complain.
The character seems too adept at getting her own diaper off, which can be quite a challenge for some little darling.

Hanna also goes right from one potty success to wearing big girl underwear, which sets up expectations that might very soon lead to frustration and failure.

We like.

  • The text is upbeat, without condemnation for potty training accidents.
  • The construction of the book is fairly sturdy
  • It’s the perfect size for little hands.

Parents who have purchased a Kindle or other electronic reader version of this book say that it does not translate well into that media. The words end up on one screen then pictures on a separate one. This can make the story difficult to follow, and therefore undermine the purpose of the book.

We observed.

Little darlings like reading along with this story. The text immediately engages the them by introducing Hanna’s likes, such as playing on a slide. The positive reinforcement approach to potty training makes this process more fun (not such a chore or something to fear).

Our notes.
Potty Talk: the words “potty”, “pee” and “poop” are chosen for elimination communication in the story. You can substitute your own preferences for terminology.

We recommend The Potty Book for Girls.

If your child shows an avid interest in the Potty Book for Girls it could very well provide support for successful toilet learning.

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