Tips on Potty Training an Older Child

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Here are the 6 best tips on potty training for older children. We reviewed many tips from parents and experts and here are the 6 that come up again and again - implement one or several and see what works best for your child.

Tips on Potty Training: 6 Child Potty Training DO's

1. INVOLVE your child in the cleanup process. If you have an older child who makes a mess in underwear instead of going to the potty, it would be a good idea to involve him in the cleanup process. Be reminded that it should not be approached as a form of punishment, but instead an effort to promote responsibility and independence. Having your child involved in the cleanup may encourage them to do things the right way to avoid the work!

2. SWITCH: Replace diapers with "big kid" underwear. The reason why diaper-wearing potty age kids don’t grasp the need for potty training right away is because they don’t experience the feeling of being wet and messy when they wear diapers. However, if you switch your child to "big kid" underwear, they will immediately feel the discomfort of being wet and messy. Take your older child shopping to select underwear with their favorite cartoon characters and then have them wear them without diaper support. Be on the lookout for signs of stool holding, though! Some kids will hold the stool instead of making a mess or going to the potty.

3. IN SYNC: Synchronize potty training strategy. Make a special request for the preschool staff to use the same potty usage approach that you use at home to create a sense of consistency. Keep the school advised of typical bathroom times at home and ask them to stick to that schedule as best as possible. Always send your older child to preschool with extra sets of clean underwear to encourage proper bathroom habits.

4. INCENTIVE PROGRAM: implement an incentive program for your older child's potty training successes. Makes sure the incentives like favorite sweets, play time with mommy or even bear hugs are only accessible when your child makes proper use of the potty. Making them too accessible will diminish their effectiveness in getting your child potty trained.

5. LOGISTICS: place the potty in a strategic location. Having the potty in an area that is frequently accessed by your child is a great way to encourage usage of it. Apply gentle reminders to your child that the potty is nearby so he will feel inclined to use it when there's an urge to go.

We hope you use these tips on potty training with your older child and you'll find that you'll experience more progress than ever before. Have some of your own potty training tips? Let us know and we'll share them with other parents.

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