Toddler Potty Training

It won’t be long before its time for toddler potty training, once your little darling starts eyeballing the potty chair with greater intent. Let’s face - you won’t miss changing diapers. I did not hate changing diapers but it was often a tedious activity I felt lukewarm about.

How To Potty Train A Toddler

Potty training toddlers with the Timer Method requires effort, just how much effort - depends on your toddler. The Classic Egg Timer Method can be combined with potty training pants, toddler underwear or the naked method.

Best Potty Training Toddler iApps: now here is when you can apply the newest technology to potty training AND your little one will love getting their hands on your iPad/ iPhone or other device. There are now great applications out there to motivate and interest toddlers in potty training. My little guy would grab a book or ask for the iPad as he headed for his potty.

Cool Potty Seats Your Toddler Will Like

Boon Potty Bench in kiwi or raspberry blue. I present my findings to give you a better feel for the benefits of the product and what other parents and toddlers think of it.

Potty Pal: If you don't want to clean potties instead of diapers, what do you use for a toddler who is still too tiny to sit on a regular toilet seat?

4 Cool Potty Training Books For Toddlers

You may be looking for potty training books for kids that can help them become familiar with the process and support success. Here are some that are entertaining for both parent and toddler.

Where's the Poop?

This lift the flap style book uses animals to show that every creature have a specific place to poop including children. The goal of the book is reinforcing potty training in an engaging way. The flap creates an interactive element for the child.

Now, I like the animals, but there is really only one page dedicated to the child being on the potty. Where’s the Poop does use an adult toilet for the final illustration, so it may be helpful when you transition from a potty chair upward.

How to Potty Train Your Monster

How to Potty Train Your Monster is a 32 page long book in hardcover format that sells for about $15.00. It’s designed to be read to young boys and girls, and has humorous illustrations that accompany the text. While meant for children the writers cleverly include tips for parents (like not leaving your monster alone with toilet paper!).

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)

I liked the short, simple sentences with engaging pictures (of a child, not animals etc.). Overall the book gives parents a way to start discussing training. At one point the child falls asleep on the potty because nothing happens. The toddler watches what a dog and cat does when they need to go potty.

A Potty for Me!: A Lift-the-Flap Instruction Manual

A potty for me describes the potty training process from a child’s perspective (specifically one that’s more interested in playing than learning toileting skills). It’s a flap style book that goes from the child playing, eating, sleeping and sitting on the potty. At the end of the story the child achieves success and says, “I’m so proud of me.”

The illustrations are gender neutral and the rhyme helps children remember the book’s messages. It has 28 pages and retails for about $7, which is competitive with other titles of this nature.

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