Toilet Training Boys

Tested and Creative Potty Training Tips for Boys

Creative ideas for toilet training boys - here are some potty training tips for boys sent in by parents. See which ones might work for you. Toilet training boys can present some challenges and the majority of parents face some level of difficulty when trying to get their little progeny to adapt to a new way of eliminating. We are not saying its super difficult but sometimes a bit of creativity can help.

1. Use visual aids. There's no better way for your little son to learn how to use the potty that watching you or another family member use it. It's also a good idea to explain to him what's happening while you're eliminating.

2. Use Cheerios for target practice. Trying to hit the small object will perfect his aim and turn potty training into a game.

3. Include water coloring fun. As another fun exercise, few drops of food coloring in the water in the potty so your son can see the water change color. He'll undoubtedly become excited about the fact that the color of the water can change. Then, encourage him to pee in the water and look at the color change as well. He'll be more than excited to try and pee any time after that.

4. Maintain consistency. When it comes to "weaning" your child off diapers, it's important to remain consistent. Commit to just briefs if you've decided to train him with just briefs and deal with the accidents as they come; they won't last forever.

5. Customize the bathroom - bring in books, music instruments or his favorite toys.

6. Implement a reward system that’s your style. Your son will undoubtedly feel proud of his accomplishments if you reward him for using the potty successfully. Your rewards could be the little things he likes like edible treats or stickers or just acknowledge his success with a “well done!”

2 Popular Potty Training Tips for Boys from Parents

1. If there are others also potty training your son make sure you are using the same vocabulary and outline your potty training techniques to the care provider and request that the same techniques be followed while your son is in their care.

2. Communicate - don't be angry or frustrated but do tell what's to be expected. Let your little guy know that both pee and poo belong in the potty or toilet, and not in a diaper or on the floor.

So there you have it parental tips for toilet training boys to take you through the potty training phase, without you tearing your hair out. Try them and see how much easier the process will be.

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