Training Pants

A Convenient Potty Training Method For The Busy Parent

Potty Training Pants have clearly taken the parenting world by storm as an innovate solution for potty training. While there are some experts who say that potty pants that have greater absorbency actually delay the potty training process, most believe there is significant benefit to the solution.

Disposable toddler potty training pants (potty pants or potty training underpants) have become hugely popular on the market today. Many parents are excited about the ability of these potty training pants to absorb more, thereby allowing them to go longer periods without having to change or clean up their toddler. This is definitely a convenience for parents, especially when they are out for a long period with their child in a place that is less than conducive to changing and tidying a child!

Are potty training pants right for YOU and your toddler?

This method might be for you if you recognize yourself somewhat in one or more of the the following statements.

I'm BUSY - my little one's potty training can happen gradually as long as I don't have to put a lot of time and effort into the endeavor.

I don't care how long it takes as long as it requires MINIMAL EFFORT.

I'm toddler potty training and I'm constantly on the move.

There is much less mess when using training pants for potty training and less of a chance for odors to escape and offend others around. That in itself is a benefit to both parent and child. However, it is also an excellent method for getting a child to respond well to potty training and indicate when there is a desire to go. So essentially, there are benefits all around.

Toddler Potty Training

The idea behind the potty training pants potty training is that the discomfort that comes from the heaviness and wetness of a well-worn pair of potty pants is enough to encourage a child to want to use the potty as opposed to walking around feeling loaded. It is common knowledge that kids tend to get cranky when then desire to be changed, so exposing them to more of that discomfort will likely encourage them to seek a suitable alternative.

In general, kids who are more motivated to use a potty tend to respond quickly to toddler potty training pants, because they can relate to a distinct difference in feeling between relieving themselves on a potty and having to walk around with heavy, soiled potty pants. Those kids will likely become more independent with using the potty than others.

The toddlers who actually display a desire to wear regular underpants before the expected stage also benefit from potty pants because they may get to a more advanced development stage sooner than other toddlers, hence adapting to using the potty quicker. And even if parents encourage use of potty pants, they may very likely not make a mess in them because they have already adapted to using the potty.

As a parent of a toddler, you will likely be interested in a method of potty training that is convenient for you and your young one, as well as effective in the process of potty training. Training pants are ideal if your child displays the ability to adapt to things quickly and respond to stimuli more readily than the average child of that age.

In no time, you'll find your child visiting the potty more frequently, or indicating to you that they're ready to go. Just to be safe though, keep those training potty pants going for a little while longer to compensate for accidents that can likely happen with toddlers.

How To Potty Train: 10+ potty training techniques. Is this not the right potty training style for you? Use our "What's your Parenting Style" guide to select the best way to potty train for you.

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