Travel Potty Chair

5 Reasons I bought a travel potty chair for my toddler and why I would recommend one to every parent.

Considering that potty training can take up to six months depending on the child, for reason alone you must buy a travel potty chair. Very few families can set up a potty boot camp at home for that amount of time, and keeping children close to home isn’t typically practicable.

1. Consistency

Potty training can’t come to a screeching halt every time you have to leave the comforts of home. Once you start potty training stopping it every time you leave the house would be disastrous. It’s unrealistic to think that a child would understand why they go potty one way at home and another way when you’re traveling, shopping or whatever. There’s no question you don’t want to disrupt the learning process, which is one of the main reasons you must buy a travel potty chair. Once you find a style you and your child like, you’ll be very glad for adding one to your child’s repertoire of potty training equipment.

2. Hygiene and Cleanliness

For parents concerned about hygiene and cleanliness, the travel potty chair offers another convenience. Let’s face it, public restrooms are not always well maintained. By having a portable seat with you, you can give your child a sanitary, safe seat that washes up easily afterward. A portable potty chair offers a far more sanitary option than trying to balance your child on a public toilet. Even when you’re visiting, having a seat that’s clean and familiar for your child really helps with the overall comfort zone (particularly if you’re staying overnight.

Think of it this way: How many times have you gone into a public restroom and decided to wait until later because of the dirt and grime. That’s fine for an adult, but children don’t have that kind of control. A travel potty chair resolves this situation by creating a barrier between your child and the toilet seat. Better still, if you let them use the portable potty at home they’ll be familiar with it, and therefore more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a 2-1 that functions both at home and abroad consider something along the lines of a Potette.

3. Convenience

Then too, what about those moments when there’s no toilet to be found? When a child says they have to go “now” it usually means NOW (and of course the road sign said 15 more miles to a rest stop!). Here is where a potty with a disposable liner works great. You can use it in the car privately – no more walking around the car and having a bare bottom exposed to the elements.

Leave a comment or share your story about kids potty training.

4. Security

Munchkins often feel insecure sitting on strange toilets, or adult toilets without any secondary protection that fits their smaller bottom. Portable potty systems fix this quite neatly. You can introduce your child to the travel chair in the comfort of your own home ahead of time. That way by the time you’re on the road – they’ll already recognize their special seat.

5. Little Cleanup Involved

There are other advantages with traveling potty seats. They include the fact that there’s little cleanup involved. Rather than trying to manage an awkward adult seat, the child has one suited to their size and they can eliminate directly into the toilet, which sends all the right messages. This is particularly nice when you’re visiting someone’s home or away on vacation. No matter where you go, the child has their own personal toilet to use.

Just remember to shop around. Look at the different types and styles of portable toilets. Let your child try them out until you hit on one that suits your family’s lifestyle and that the child enjoys using.

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