Travel Potty Seat

A travel potty seat comes in very handy as most families are very mobile, which means their child is “on the road” quite a bit. All this activity would be very difficult if it were not for a travel potty. Let’s face it, public restrooms are often very dirty and uncomfortable for children and adults alike. Having a portable potty that fits on most toilet seats accomplishes three things.

  1. It gives your child a sense of familiarity if you use it periodically at home too.
  2. It’s far more sanitary and safe.
  3. Most importantly, it supports toilet training when you’re away from home.

There are several designs for travel potty seats, one of which is a folding system with handles. These aren’t very expensive and really do the trick when traveling by bus or plane. They’re also a good alternative to a portable seat when the car is packed full for a long drive.

Folding Potty Seat

A folding system collapses into a small bundle. One example is the PRI Folding Potty.
Unlike some other folding system, this one is getting excellent reviews from customers. They say it doesn’t leak or pinch. There’s no splash-guard, however, but this isn’t unusual in a foldable travel potty seat.

A slightly bulkier example is the Mommy's Helper Cushie Traveler . Children like the softness of the seat, and there’s brackets that insure the seat’s stability. The seat’s surface can be washed with warm water or wipes easily.

Inflatable Potty Seat

Another option for a travel potty seat is an inflatable product: Inflatable Potty Seat. Like the folding systems, there are handles on these for safety.

It’s soft like a padded system and the ability to deflate it saves space. Cost wise these compare favorably to other portable potties. About the only consideration is that having to inflate the product means that your child has to wait a few extra moments, which sometimes makes the difference between success and failure.

Portable Potty Seat

Bear in mind that both the folding potty and the inflatable potty really only serve you on the road where as a Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus offers the option of a stand-alone system AND a portable system. So, this might be an alternative worth considering. Another potty training solution while on the road are disposable toilet seat covers like Potty Covers.

Potty Covers are waterproof, protecting your child from direct contact with the seat. This particular brand also covers the front and side of the toilet, providing further protection.

Most products along these lines come individually wrapped and are made with a combination of fabric and plastic. One of the biggest advantages of disposable toilet seat covers is that unlike many other toilet-top potties, these will fit any toilet design. About the only problem that people report is that the cover slides off when trying to place a child on it.

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In considering a travel potty, remember to keep your lifestyle in mind, and also the kinds of potties your child likes to use. No matter how great the design, a travel potty does little good if the child dislikes it.

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