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Here are answers to some questions I have received about traveling with little munchkins. Children often feel insecure sitting on strange toilets, or adult toilets without any secondary protection that fits their smaller bottom. Portable potty systems fix this quite neatly. You can introduce your child to the travel chair in the comfort of your own home ahead of time. That way by the time you’re on the road – they’ll already recognize their special seat.

Do I really really need a travel potty?

Travel potty chair: 5 Reasons I bought a travel potty chair for my toddler and why I would recommend one to EVERY parent. Having travel potty seat or chair is vital.

Getting a well-designed travel potty means you can give your toddler a consistent experience whether you’re at a friend’s home, a family gathering, or on the road! Once the potty training cycle begins any disruption to the process can confuse a toddler and cause setbacks.

Once you find a portable potty you’ll never want to be without it again. It becomes an invaluable tool that supports your child’s successful toileting with very little fuss or expense. In terms of average costs you can get some models for as little as $6, and other higher-end traveling potty chairs for under $30.00.

What about one of those travel potty seats instead?

Maybe. Toddler potty seats can come in handy when out and about. Folding, inflatable, disposable... As with any parenting tool, portable trainers come in different designs. Some fold up so that they fit neatly inside a diaper bag. Others have handles on them to encourage a child to participate more in his or her training process. Both options remain lightweight, so that a child can maneuver it safely.

Oh great, so which one do I get?

Which Portable Potty? It’s really important to find the right portable potty for your little one – that means one on which they feel secure and use comfortably. The best travel potty systems are those that pack effortlessly, adapt to various types of transportation and clean up easily. Here are benefits, limitations and parent & toddler reviews of the most common on travel potties.

When you’re shopping for a travel potty chair look carefully at the construction. Some of the folding models have creases even when opened that are uncomfortable for a child’s sensitive skin. Remember that different style chairs have different weight limits. And if you decide against a folding model look closely at the amount of car space you have, making sure the system works with your car’s design.

What toddler potty do you use?

Cool Gear - of course :) This is THE toddler potty to use on the road.

Great. I have the baby, the potty and I'm ready to travel. Now what?

I'm happy you asked! Here is what you need to know about potty training while traveling. When you’re potty training or already past the initial training period - a travel potty seat can take a lot of stress out of long road trips, or even a run to the supermarket. Even children who are fairly consistent with their notifications and control can benefit from a potty seat because it’s a little smaller than an adult size, meant to fit a tinier tushie.

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