Using Potty Fast & Easy

John Rosemond Potty Training aka The Naked or $75 Method

Using potty training method endorsed by John Rosemond gets your little one using the potty fast and with little effort. This method is fast and does not require you to hoover over your child for 3 days watching like a hawk for signs that your LO needs to use the potty.

We know that you, the busy parent, have other responsibilities on your to do list and allocating a hundred percent of your time to potty training is not in the stars for you.

It is definitely okay to provide assistance to the child if needed, but for the most part it should be a hands-off learning process. This potty training technique is strongly recommended by Dr. John Rosemond, a well-known American parenting expert and psychologist who supports this simple and direct method of potty training.

If you want to potty train your child fast, then let your LO go naked below the waist for the duration of potty training. During this three to seven days you child can actually see what happens when poop and pee are expelled from the body. Dr. Rosemond suggests that kids will ignore messy diapers, but not when the mess is running down their legs. He believes that when a child sees the results of their actions, they are more likely to be empowered to train themselves to start using potty.

It will mean cleaning up after potty training accidents but since you are too busy and over scheduled Dr. Rosemond recommends that you use $75 to have your carpets cleaned professionally after the potty training is completed. Yes, you will still have to perform the immediate clean-up as its not very logistically feasible to have the carpet cleaning crew on call during during your potty training.

It is definitely okay to let a child know that pooping or peeing on the floor is messy, but it should be done in a supportive, loving way. It's fine to express disappointment if there's a potty training accident, but definitely not frustration or anger. Allow your child to watch and help you clean up the mess created when they pee or poop on the floor instead of using potty. Remind your LO that next time pee and poo go in the potty.

When To Potty Train

Since you are modern and busy better to get rid of diapers sooner than later - do not wait until LO is three years old. A typical child is ready to be potty trained between the ages of 24 and 30 months. But don't rely on age as the main criteria to start potty training - around 20 months is a good time to start training.

Is your Child Ready for Using Potty?

In our humble opinion John Rosemond's method is perfectly adapted for the modern, busy parent. It easy and simple to recognize when your LO is ready to start using the potty.

There are only 2 signs of potty training readiness:

1. Your LO is interested in the toilet – wants to watch, flush, and asks questions.

2. Your LO’s diapers are dry for 3 to 4+ hours during the day, after naps, or in the morning.

How to Potty Train: The Time Saver Potty Training Guide.

Time Saver # 1: Before you start potty training, model using the toilet to your child. A busy parent is too busy for a potty training doll (no time to train a toddler AND a doll).

Time Saver # 2: Do not waste your time and offer opportunity for potential conflict with a stubborn toddler by asking questions.

Time Saver # 3: Potty time for toddler = free time for you.

Dr. John Rosemond potty training recommends that right after a high fiber breakfast the busy parent should gate their half naked LO in the bathroom. He says to inform your child that his doctor ordered that "he must stay in the bathroom until he poops in the potty." Then return to your busy parent activities and "to do" lists. Voila! - merely tell your LO to call you when its done or if help is needed.

Day 1 to 3 of Using Potty.

Get rid and all diapers - pull-ups and training pants included. At no point should diapers or training pants be used.

Stop asking about using potty all together. It's counterproductive. If you give them a choice - make it both equally positive choices. For example say "Would you like to use the potty first or after daddy?"

Do's and Don'ts

DON'T ask: Do you have to go potty? Do you need to pee? would you like just give it a try?

DON'T: stay in the bathroom with him.

DON'T: offer incentives, or encourage.

DO: tell, You need to use the potty. Let’s go.

DO: Be firm.

DO: Set a schedule.

DO: Gate him in the bathroom he has until daily BM on the potty.

DO: Ignore crying

Since you are very busy you don't even have to spend a lot of energy on praise, encouragement or rewards. Be cool and blasé about potty training success, as if it's not a big deal. Dr. R suggest a busy parent says no more than "That's good, you can come out now."

*Little Darling Potty Training does not specifically endorse the Dr. John Rosemond method. The information on Little Darling Potty Training is presented for educational purposes only. Always consult your own pediatrician if you're in any way concerned about the safety of the methods described.

How To Potty Train: 10+ potty training techniques. Is this not the right potty training style for you? Use our "What's your Parenting Style" guide to select the best way to potty train for you.

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