When To Potty Train

Excellent question! … Experts can’t seam to agree.

The simple answer is when you are ready - is when to potty train. We developed a potty training age timeline according to various methods and expert's opinion. The GOOD NEWS is: you DON'T have to always rely on signs of potty training readiness.

When To Start Potty Training Timeline

Here is a potty training timeline, we concocted, based on various methods and experts opinions.

Elimination Communication / Infant Potty Training
When to potty train: Between Day 1 and 12 months (babies are born ready)

Toilet Learning (Montessori, Spock, Sears and Brazelton)
When to to potty train: Between 12 months – 18 months

Potty Training Boot Camp Method
When to start potty training: 18 months or older

Potty Training In One Day
When to start potty training: Between 20 and 30 months of age

John Rosemond Potty Training aka The Naked or $75 Method
When to start potty training: around 24 months of age (there are only 2 simple signs of readiness)

Dr. Phill Potty Training
When to start potty training: not before 24 months of age

Dr. Brazelton’s Child Centered Potty Training
When to start potty training: between two and a half years and five (your child decides when to start potty training)

Bare Bottom child potty training, or Naked Method
When to start potty training: After 30 months of age (for kids with previous potty training experience).

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when to potty train to How To Potty Train.

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