The Wooden Potty Chair

The hay day of wooden potties was the 1950s, but more and more parents are considering this option again.

Some clever designers have gone so far as to make what might be considered the Rolls Royce of wooden potty chairs. These styles include a book nook and a toilet paper dispenser! I really like the book nook since having something in hand keeps a child on the toddler potty a little longer and aids their success. You might even get some simple books about going potty for them to look at! Additionally some products include specially designed backs so the chair looks like a throne for a prince or princess!

For families looking for a potty chair that’s durable, wooden potty seats represent one option that lasts for many years for one child or several. The construction of a lot of wooden trainers is typically a little larger than a traditional potty chair. That size makes them more secure and a bit heavier, giving both comfort and support to your child.

The design of the chairs allows for a low, grounded seat with removable centers for flushing and cleaning. Some designs have  a built-in toilet paper holder or arm rests too for more comfort. Some of the newer models also offer interesting features. A book or toy holder provides some distraction for the fidgety toddler.

In shopping for this particular type of toddler potty, look closely at the wood surface and make sure it’s properly and evenly sealed. Cracks or gaps open the way toward germs getting into the wood.

Watch Out for an allergic reaction around the buttocks and upper thighs (like a diaper rash).  Little ones can develop irritation after exposure to "exotic wooden" potty seats. To prevent this avoid harsh cleaning agents.

Nonetheless, for green families wood represents a renewable resource that bio-degrades unlike plastic. Truth be told, wooden potties outlast plastic too.  They’re a more expensive investment but you’ll get a lot more mileage out of them too. In many cases they retain a good resale value if properly maintained.

For a long time wooden potty seats were often handcrafted as gifts. Now, however, manufacturers assemble potties that offer personalized touches (like a name or cartoon characters). Typically designers create the potty for a child of a specific gender, which is particularly important for the parents of boys who do not want to worry about splashing. The more the chair “fits” your child, the more they’re likely to use it. Even a young man can be embarrassed by dribbles on the floor. So a gender specific chair makes perfect sense.

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